Which Voice Over Microphone is Right For You?

As a voice over artist, it is critical that you choose the right microphone for your voice, your room and your budget. When it comes to determining which microphone is right for you, there is only one good way to go about making this very important decision. Before buying anything, YOU MUST LISTEN AND COMPARE FOR YOURSELF. Typically, when voice … Read More

kimikodreamsWhich Voice Over Microphone is Right For You?

All those Daily Tweet posts

You might wonder why I have set this blog to post my daily roundup of Tweets from my @giftedreader account. Well let me tell you! LOL One of the great things about Twitter is that people share great articles. If youโ€™re like me, you want to surf but you donโ€™t always have the time. And also like me, you find … Read More

kimikodreamsAll those Daily Tweet posts

Twitter Updates for 2010-03-27

check out @wepromoteyou for cool people they have to talk about ๐Ÿ˜‰ # Finished my kid's book contract! They liked my work and say they plan to hire me again! #voiceover # did about 12 auditions today #voiceover # spoke to @keyaudio – awesomely cool audio guy! it's friday! friend him!!! # @marenkate voice actress in reply to marenkate # … Read More

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Twitter Updates for 2010-03-26

Voice Over in Arabic http://bit.ly/a0QYxQ # Voice over only US Accent http://bit.ly/a9EMru # Looking for seasoned podcasters who can contribute podcasting advice, tips, and tricks for cash $. http://bit.ly/5YkVo3 # @YouCanPodcast check me out at @kimidreams # Cambodian Female Voice Talent Required http://bit.ly/aUyngV # Need Voiceover Talent for Freelancer http://bit.ly/aru27z # @WePromoteYou i've added you. hopefully i can dm you … Read More

kimikodreamsTwitter Updates for 2010-03-26

Twitter Updates for 2010-03-25

fixed some lines in a #vo …. more recording and editing to do – break for now # @girlactor maybe for you. LOL i can't stand anything diet LOl in reply to girlactor # 11 auditions sent in #voiceover # on to work on the last two chapters of the kid book #voiceover # @girlactor lol. yeah that could be … Read More

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Twitter Updates for 2010-03-24

RT @H_Keith_Lyons: RT @tweetmeme Voices.com Opens Doors of Opportunity Through Podcasting | Vox Daily http://bit.ly/cWHPdn #voiceover # @kenncrawford which scene are you talking about? in reply to kenncrawford # Need male voice talent with Asian accenthttp://bit.ly/cgoN1N # Male and Female Voice Talent Need for Video Game Demohttp://bit.ly/bCizHp # Powered by Twitter Tools

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Twitter Updates for 2010-03-23

@MyBusyMind13 cool! ๐Ÿ˜‰ tons…lol. don't know where to start. maybe i'll have to write a series of blog posts in reply to MyBusyMind13 # @FutureMama glad i was able to help this morning! ๐Ÿ˜‰ in reply to FutureMama # welcome to all my new followers! # @FutureMama mail comin back atcha! in reply to FutureMama # sent off chapter 3 … Read More

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Twitter Updates for 2010-03-22

Nice. I recieved two emails today about my #voiceover work simply because of my twitter account. @Twitter I wuv you! # RT @VoiceCoaches: Yes, this week's Voice Coaches Radio episode is about punctuation. Listen for yourself! http://ow.ly/1o0dj # RT @AgendaVoiceover: Creative ways to promote your #biz without the big dollars http://ow.ly/1p6B0 # Powered by Twitter Tools

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Twitter Updates for 2010-03-21

RT @steveblessing: The next voice u hear could b theirs #FF @UNnouncer @TheVoiceofBrian @bobbinbeam @MikeRaphone @mikeobrianvoice #voiceover # RT @the_voxgoddess: Wow! Just found out my latest commercial has been licensed for 7 websites! #voiceover (That ROX!) # i believe i have found out how to find "clicks" in #audio. this makes me happy #voiceover # it is crazy to me … Read More

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Twitter Updates for 2010-03-20

@anthonyvo where you live at? # just got chapter 2 of the kidlets book done…this one was a hard one #voiceover # retakes rec/edited ch1& title finished. full edit of ch2. rec of ch3-7 wrapping up all recording.1 audition. was a good day #voiceover # hey peeps! I'm busy working on orginizing myself, and getting down to edit and record … Read More

kimikodreamsTwitter Updates for 2010-03-20