All those Daily Tweet posts

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You might wonder why I have set this blog to post my daily roundup of Tweets from my @giftedreader account. Well let me tell you! LOL

One of the great things about Twitter is that people share great articles. If you’re like me, you want to surf but you don’t always have the time. And also like me, you find that if you start surfing you find more and more things you want to read but if you plan on getting any work done…you eventually have to stop.

So that’s why I’m putting up my daily roundup. I retweet links that not only I can go back to, but you might find useful if you come back to the site and check out what I have tweeted. I hope you might find some of them useful, or for that matter, someone you might not follow will come to your attention this way as well.

I hope that might explain it a little!