Writer, voice actress and podcaster, Kimi Alexandre has been on the Web since the mid-90s. Her award-nominated podcast Tale Chasing, a show for urban fantasy readers and writers, is now in its third year. Guardians, her novel about a body guard drawn into a murder mystery with supernatural elements, launched as a serialized podcast in 2009.

She got started in voice overs after lending her voice to support her podcasting peers and fell in love with the sound of her own voice. Just teasing…

From there she started studying the voice over industry, learning about creating a home studio and how to edit and produce quality audio. Praised by the owner of Voices.com, Kimi continues to grow and expand her knowledge by participating in the voice over and podcasting community, reading voice over blogs, and attending seminars and panels when she can.

She will be giving several workshops in the upcoming 2010 year teaching authors and writers how to turn their fiction into audio dramas and helping their characters jump off the page and into their fans ears.

Her podcast, Tale Chasing, was a finalist for the 2008 Parsec Award for best writing-related podcast and both Guardians and Talechasing were nominated for the 2009 Parsecs. She’s interviewed NYTimes Bestselling Author, Scott Sigler as well as many others such as Jackie Kessler, Stacia Kane, Mark Henry, Mur Lafferty, Chris Lester, PG Holyfield and many others. A native of Kansas, she currently resides in New Jersey.