•AI – Cybrosis
•Alice – Tears Such as Angels Weep – Erotica Ala Carte (Erotica – Non Sexual Part)
•Alice – Digital Magic
•Audio Book Promo – Dangerous Highlander – Donna Grant
•Audio Book Promo – Bitter Night – Diana P Francis
•Website Promo – Bitten By Books
•Natalie – Dreams of Change – Metamor City (Adult Themes – Non Sexual Part)
•Disney Internet Ad for Voices.com Google Application
•Lucy – Dead Hunt
•Female Narration/Dialogue – Worlds Apart
•ST:O Podcast Promo
•TreaterGreeter – Gemmy Industries
•Female Vocals – Hardstyle Music Mix by DJ Yoz
•Female Vocals – Anthem -Hardstyle Music Mix by DJ Ramp
•Teen – How to Reason with your Kids DVD
•Narrator – Children’s Book
•Female Vocals – Disengage Remix by DJ Ramp
• Female Vocals – Hardstyle song

2009 Voice Over’s
•Reagan – Guardians
•Sam – Angel Between the Lines – Episode 1
•Jessica – Ties that Bind
•Narrator – Panic Relief Commercial
•Promo – Guardians Podcast
•Promo – Power In Practice Podcast
•Dutch – Jet Fighter (Erotica – Adult Character)
•Narrator – Web Documentary – violence against women
•Thesslyn – Cowry Catchers

2008 Voice Over’s
•Holly Lisle’s How to Write Page Turning Scenes Audio Book
•Holly Lisle’s Create a Plot Mini Clinic
•Brunhilde – Twin Bottles, Co
•Seralina Greyhaven (Leena) – Metamor City – Making the Cut
•Dora – Seventh City – Love Lines
•Ashan – Predestination
•Audio Technician – Astral Audio Productions
•Albert – Divine Fire
•Promo – TES 2008 Convention
•Promo – Tale Chasing Podcast
•Story So Far – Nocturnal
•Story So Far – Predestination
•Max – Lights Out

In Progress Voice Over’s
•Tabitha – Staked
•Fear on Demand

AudioBooks/ Podcast Novels
•Holly Lisle’s How to Write Page Turning Scenes Audio Book – Holly Lisle
•Holly Lisle’s Create a Plot Mini Clinic – Holly Lisle

In Progress Audiobooks/Podcast Novels
•Guardians – Podcast Novel
•Anthem – Ayn Rand Audio Adaptation

•Talechasing – Host / Producer
•Guardians – Author / Host / Producer
•Power In Practice – Producer

Seminars and Panels
•2008 DragonCon Podcasting for Promotion
•2008 DragonCon Building a Community Around Your Passion
•2008 TES-NYC How to Do Take Downs for Women
•2009 Balticon Live Tale Chasing : Interview with Scott Sigler
•2009 Balticon Best Promotion Techniques From the New Media Pros
•2009 Balticon Creating a Serialized Audio book

Upcoming Workshops/Panels
•2010 Albacon – Workshop – “How to Turn your Book into a Podcast Novel/Audiobook”
•2010 Authors After Dark – Workshop – “How to Turn your Book into a Podcast Novel/Audiobook”
• 2010 DragonCon – TBA

Awards and Nominations
•2008 Parsec Finalist Nominee – Best Writing Podcast – Talechasing
•2009 Parsec Nominee – Guardians / TaleChasing